The name says it all- massive and impressive. The Megaboard construction is way much bigger and much more eye-catching to your customers. The size of it can be: 8m x 3m; 8m x 4m and 12m x 4m. Once you place your message on these constructions, you know for sure it will grab the attention of anyone passing by.

MART MEDIA LTD has its own network of such constructions positioned all over the country. The shortest period of time you can hire a megaboard for is limited to 3 periods.  We will mount your vision at the beginning of the campaign and we will take it off at the end of the campaign. And all of that is included in the price. 

For your convenience, each calendar year consists of 26 periods in total. Each one of them has a fixed starting and ending date. That helps you to plan easily the starting and ending days of any campaign.