Graphic design

To create an effective company vision for an advertising campaign is one of the most challenging tasks in our business. To create an effective graphical design is not an easy job. It suggests deep knowledge in the field of outdoor advertisement, as well as deep knowledge of the advertised product.
While we create a vision we pay close attention to whom we address the advertisement, where would it be placed ( in the cities or outside the city borders ) and etc. We plan how big the advertisement should be, the position of the information, what colours and objects to use in the vision.

Usually the potential customers passing by the billboard constructions have just few seconds to look at, so it is very important for us these people to see the important bits. As a whole, our recommendation is to put minimum texts and general information. The customer does not have time to read. Also we do not recommend using contours because it looks blurry from a distance.

Sometimes the graphical design may take few weeks. We always recommend to be discussed with graphical designers, as well as with specialist in the field of billboard advertisement, so your money spent are wisely invested.

We need to distinguish the graphic design and pre-pressing process. In case the designers have not met the criteria for pre-pressing, the pre-press adjustments might take longer than the designers job itself.

Your company vision, stretched out on a billboard is the message your potential customers will see. The vision must be well discussed with professionals. It takes long hours for an effective advertisement.